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Peter Gabriel
Tony Banks
Mike Rutherford
Steve Hackett
Phil Collins

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Misunderstanding13 Sep 1980
Duchess17 May 1980
Abacab22 Aug 1981
Keep It Dark31 Oct 1981
3 x 3 (EP)22 May 1982
Man On The Corner (Special Mix)13 Mar 1982
Mama03 Sep 1983
That's All12 Nov 1983
Illegal Alien11 Feb 1984
In Too Deep30 Aug 1986
Invisible Touch31 May 1986
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)06 Apr 1974
Land Of Confusion22 Nov 1986
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Remix)14 Mar 1987
Throwing It All Away (Live Version)20 Jun 1987
Spot The Pigeon (EP)28 May 1977
Your Own Special Way26 Feb 1977
Follow You Follow Me11 Mar 1978
Many Too Many08 Jul 1978
Congo27 Sep 1997
Shipwrecked13 Dec 1997
Not About Us07 Mar 1998
No Son Of Mine02 Nov 1991
I Can't Dance11 Jan 1992
Invisible Touch21 Nov 1992
Hold On My Heart18 Apr 1992
Jesus He Knows Me25 Jul 1992
Tell Me Why20 Feb 1993
Turn It On Again15 Mar 1980

US SinglesFirst Charted
Your Own Special Way12 Mar 1977
That's All26 Nov 1983
Illegal Alien10 Mar 1984
Taking It All Too Hard16 Jun 1984
Never A Time07 Nov 1992
I Can't Dance01 Feb 1992
No Son Of Mine02 Nov 1991
Hold On My Heart02 May 1992
Jesus He Knows Me01 Aug 1992
Mama01 Oct 1983
Abacab26 Dec 1981
Paperlate05 Jun 1982
Man On The Corner20 Mar 1982
No Reply At All26 Sep 1981
Misunderstanding24 May 1980
Turn It On Again06 Sep 1980
In Too Deep25 Apr 1987
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight14 Feb 1987
Land Of Confusion01 Nov 1986
Follow You, Follow Me22 Apr 1978
Invisible Touch31 May 1986
Throwing It All Away16 Aug 1986