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Luther Vandross

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Love The One You're With26 Nov 1994
Always And Forever04 Feb 1995
Ain't No Stopping Us Now15 Apr 1995
Power Of Love / Love Power11 Nov 1995
Never Too Much19 Feb 1983
Give Me The Reason26 Jul 1986
Every Year Every Christmas23 Dec 1995
Your Secret Love12 Oct 1996
I Can Make It Better28 Dec 1996
I Really Didn't Mean It11 Jul 1987
Stop To Love05 Sep 1987
So Amazing07 Nov 1987
See Me28 Mar 1987
Give Me The Reason21 Feb 1987
Give Me The Reason23 Jan 1988
I Gave It Up (When I Fell In Love)16 Apr 1988
Any Love08 Oct 1988
Never Too Much (Remix '89 by Justin Strauss)28 Oct 1989
She Won't Talk To Me04 Feb 1989
Come Back (Remix)22 Apr 1989
Here And Now06 Jan 1990
Power Of Love / Love Power27 Apr 1991
The Rush18 Jan 1992
Little Miracles (Happen Every Day)22 May 1993
Heaven Knows18 Sep 1993
Love Is On The Way04 Dec 1993

US SinglesFirst Charted
Dance With My Father28 Jun 2003
I'd Rather14 Sep 2002
Take You Out21 Jul 2001
I Can Make It Better21 Dec 1996
Your Secret Love21 Sep 1996
Give Me The Reason23 Aug 1986
Til My Baby Comes Home16 Mar 1985
Always And Forever10 Dec 1994
Love The One You're With22 Apr 1995
Going In Circles22 Apr 1995
Endless Love10 Sep 1994
Little Miracles (Happen Every Day)22 May 1993
Heaven Knows18 Sep 1993
The Best Things In Life Are Free30 May 1992
Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)28 Apr 1984
The Rush04 Jan 1992
Power Of Love/Love Power27 Apr 1991
Don't Want To Be A Fool03 Aug 1991
Here And Now23 Dec 1989
Bad Boy/Having A Party30 Oct 1982
She Won't Talk To Me28 Jan 1989
Never Too Much10 Oct 1981
Any Love08 Oct 1988
Stop To Love15 Nov 1986
There's Nothing Better Than Love14 Mar 1987