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Neil Diamond

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Love On The Rocks15 Nov 1980
Hello Again14 Feb 1981
Heartlight20 Nov 1982
Cracklin' Rosie07 Nov 1970
I Am ... I Said08 May 1971
Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)20 Feb 1971
Song Sung Blue13 May 1972
Beautiful Noise23 Oct 1976
If You Know What I Mean14 Aug 1976
Desiree24 Dec 1977
Forever In Blue Jeans03 Mar 1979
Morning Has Broken21 Nov 1992

US SinglesFirst Charted
If You Know What I Mean19 Jun 1976
Don't Think.. Feel11 Sep 1976
Cherry, Cherry20 Aug 1966
I Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)12 Nov 1966
I've Been This Way Before01 Feb 1975
Solitary Man21 May 1966
Longfellow Serenade05 Oct 1974
Skybird16 Mar 1974
"Cherry, Cherry" From Hot August Night17 Mar 1973
Be27 Oct 1973
The Last Thing On My Mind25 Aug 1973
The Long Way Home11 Aug 1973
Song Sung Blue06 May 1972
Play Me12 Aug 1972
Walk On Water11 Nov 1972
Headed For The Future24 May 1986
I Am.. I Said27 Mar 1971
Turn Around18 Aug 1984
I'm Alive15 Jan 1983
Front Page Story23 Apr 1983
Stones13 Nov 1971
Crunchy Granola Suite13 Nov 1971
I'm A Believer26 Jun 1971
Done Too Soon05 Jun 1971
Heartlight11 Sep 1982
Yesterday's Songs07 Nov 1981
On The Way To The Sky13 Feb 1982
Be Mine Tonight22 May 1982
Love On The Rocks01 Nov 1980
Hello Again31 Jan 1981
America25 Apr 1981
Cracklin' Rosie22 Aug 1970
He Ain't Heavy.. He's My Brother07 Nov 1970
Solitary Man11 Jul 1970
Shilo07 Feb 1970
Soolaimon (African Trilogy II)02 May 1970
Do It07 Nov 1970
Until It's Time For You To Go21 Feb 1970
September Morn'22 Dec 1979
The Good Lord Loves You05 Apr 1980
Forever In Blue Jeans27 Jan 1979
Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)28 Jun 1969
Holly Holy01 Nov 1969
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show22 Feb 1969
Say Maybe19 May 1979
Desiree03 Dec 1977
New Orleans06 Jan 1968
Brooklyn Roads11 May 1968
Red Red Wine13 Apr 1968
Two-Bit Manchild13 Jul 1968
Sunday Sun05 Oct 1968
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon08 Apr 1967
I Thank The Lord For The Night Time15 Jul 1967
You Got To Me28 Jan 1967
Kentucky Woman14 Oct 1967