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Petula Clark

UK SinglesFirst Charted
The Song Of My Life30 Jan 1971
I Don't Know How To Love Him15 Jan 1972
Downtown '8819 Nov 1988
The Little Shoemaker11 Jun 1954
Majorca18 Feb 1955
Suddenly There's A Valley25 Nov 1955
With All My Heart26 Jul 1957
Alone15 Nov 1957
Baby Lover28 Feb 1958
Sailor26 Jan 1961
Romeo13 Jul 1961
My Friend The Sea16 Nov 1961
Something Missing (L'Absent)13 Apr 1961
Ya Ya Twist28 Jun 1962
I'm Counting On You08 Feb 1962
Casanova02 May 1963
Chariot02 May 1963
Downtown12 Nov 1964
I Know A Place11 Mar 1965
You're The One04 Nov 1965
Round Every Corner14 Oct 1965
You Better Come Home12 Aug 1965
My Love10 Feb 1966
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love30 Jun 1966
A Sign Of The Times21 Apr 1966
This Is My Song02 Feb 1967
Don't Sleep In The Subway25 May 1967
The Other Man's Grass (Is Always Greener)13 Dec 1967
Kiss Me Goodbye06 Mar 1968

US SinglesFirst Charted
My Love25 Dec 1965
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love16 Jul 1966
A Sign Of The Times26 Mar 1966
Who Am I22 Oct 1966
Downtown19 Dec 1964
I Know A Place20 Mar 1965
Round Every Corner09 Oct 1965
You'd Better Come Home10 Jul 1965
The Wedding Song (There Is Love)07 Oct 1972
My Guy10 Jun 1972
Natural Love06 Feb 1982
Happy Heart12 Apr 1969
Look At Mine09 Aug 1969
No One Better Than You29 Nov 1969
Kiss Me Goodbye17 Feb 1968
Don't Give Up20 Jul 1968
American Boys23 Nov 1968
This Is My Song04 Mar 1967
Don't Sleep In The Subway03 Jun 1967
Color My World24 Dec 1966
The Cat In The Window (The Bird In The Sky)02 Sep 1967
The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener02 Dec 1967