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Simply Red

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Open Up The Red Box (Remix)09 Aug 1986
Fairground30 Sep 1995
Remembering The First Time16 Dec 1995
Money's Too Tight (To Mention)15 Jun 1985
Holding Back The Years16 Nov 1985
Come To My Aid21 Sep 1985
Jericho08 Mar 1986
Angel09 Nov 1996
We're In This Together22 Jun 1996
Never Never Love24 Feb 1996
Holding Back The Years17 May 1986
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye28 Nov 1987
The Right Thing14 Feb 1987
Infidelity23 May 1987
I Won't Feel Bad12 Mar 1988
If You Don't Know Me By Now08 Apr 1989
It's Only Love28 Jan 1989
A New Flame08 Jul 1989
You've Got It28 Oct 1989
The Air That I Breathe22 Aug 1998
Say You Love Me16 May 1998
Ghetto Girl12 Dec 1998
Ain't That A Lot Of Love30 Oct 1999
Stars30 Nov 1991
Something Got Me Started21 Sep 1991
For Your Babies08 Feb 1992
The Montreux (EP)21 Nov 1992
Your Mirror25 Jul 1992
Thrill Me02 May 1992

US SinglesFirst Charted
Stars25 Jan 1992
Something Got Me Started28 Sep 1991
If You Don't Know Me By Now06 May 1989
It's Only Love25 Feb 1989
The Right Thing28 Feb 1987
Holding Back The Years05 Apr 1986
MoneyS Too Tight (To Mention)19 Jul 1986