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Status Quo

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Down The Dustpipe02 May 1970
Twenty Wild Horses02 Oct 1999
Again And Again02 Sep 1978
Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again)03 Dec 1988
Restless03 Dec 1994
Break The Rules04 May 1974
When You Walk In The Room04 Nov 1995
In The Army Now04 Oct 1986
A Mess Of Blues05 Nov 1983
I Didn't Mean It06 Aug 1994
Lies06 Dec 1980
Don't Drive My Car06 Dec 1980
Dreamin'06 Dec 1986
Down Down07 Dec 1974
In My Chair07 Nov 1970
Can't Give You More07 Sep 1991
Rockin' All Over The World08 Oct 1977
Caroline08 Sep 1973
Marguerita Time10 Dec 1983
Mystery Song10 Jul 1976
Roadhouse Medley (Anniversary Waltz Part 25)10 Oct 1992
Ol' Rag Blues10 Sep 1983
Wild Side Of Life11 Dec 1976
What You're Proposing11 Oct 1980
She Don't Fool Me12 Jun 1982
Little White Lies12 Jun 1999
Don't Stop13 Apr 1996
Paper Plane13 Jan 1973
Mean Girl14 Apr 1973
Rain14 Feb 1976
The Anniversary Waltz (Part 2)15 Dec 1990
Quo Live (EP)17 May 1975
Rollin' Home17 May 1986
Rock 'Til You Drop18 Jan 1992
Going Down Town Tonight19 May 1984
Running All Over The World20 Aug 1988
The Way It Goes20 Mar 1999
Ice In The Sun21 Aug 1968
Who Gets The Love?21 May 1988
Sherri Don't Fail Me Now22 Oct 1994
Whatever You Want22 Sep 1979
Pictures Of Matchstick Men24 Jan 1968
Living On An Island24 Nov 1979
Accident Prone25 Nov 1978
Red Sky26 Jul 1986
Ain't Complaining26 Mar 1988
Dear John27 Mar 1982
The Wanderer27 Oct 1984
Something 'Bout You Baby I Like28 Feb 1981
Are You Growing Tired Of My Love28 May 1969
Rock N' Roll28 Nov 1981
Not At All28 Oct 1989
The Anniversary Waltz (Part 1)29 Sep 1990
Caroline (Live At The N.E.C.)30 Oct 1982