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Adam Faith

UK SinglesFirst Charted
As You Like It03 May 1962
This Is It09 Feb 1961
Who Am I?09 Feb 1961
Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself11 Feb 1965
Walkin' Tall11 Jul 1963
We Are In Love12 Dec 1963
If He Tells You12 Mar 1964
Baby Take A Bow13 Dec 1962
Someone Else's Baby14 Apr 1960
How About That !15 Sep 1960
Someone's Taken Maria Away17 Jun 1965
Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop)17 Nov 1960
Lonesome18 Jan 1962
The First Time19 Sep 1963
Don't You Know It?20 Jul 1961
What Do You Want ?20 Nov 1959
Cheryl's Goin' Home20 Oct 1966
Big Time21 May 1960
Poor Me22 Jan 1960
A Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)26 Nov 1964
The Time Has Come26 Oct 1961
Easy Going Me27 Apr 1961
I Love Being In Love With You28 May 1964
Don't That Beat All30 Aug 1962
Made You30 Jun 1960
Johnny Comes Marching Home30 Jun 1960
What Now31 Jan 1963

US SinglesFirst Charted
It's Alright16 Jan 1965
Talk About Love17 Apr 1965