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Billy Joel

UK SinglesFirst Charted
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me09 Aug 1980
All For Leyna12 Apr 1980
Uptown Girl15 Oct 1983
No Man's Land26 Feb 1994
Tell Her About It10 Dec 1983
An Innocent Man18 Feb 1984
The Longest Time28 Apr 1984
Leave A Tender Moment Alone23 Jun 1984
Goodnight Saigon30 Jun 1984
She's Always A Woman22 Feb 1986
Just The Way You Are22 Feb 1986
A Matter Of Trust20 Sep 1986
We Didn't Start The Fire30 Sep 1989
Leningrad16 Dec 1989
Just The Way You Are11 Feb 1978
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)24 Jun 1978
My Life02 Dec 1978
I Go To Extremes10 Mar 1990
All Shook Up29 Aug 1992
The River Of Dreams31 Jul 1993
All About Soul23 Oct 1993
Until The Night28 Apr 1979

US SinglesFirst Charted
The Entertainer30 Nov 1974
Piano Man23 Feb 1974
To Make You Feel My Love16 Aug 1997
Travelin' Prayer17 Aug 1974
Worse Comes To Worst29 Jun 1974
You're Only Human (Second Wind)13 Jul 1985
Keeping The Faith26 Jan 1985
The Night Is Still Young05 Oct 1985
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)26 Mar 1994
An Innocent Man17 Dec 1983
The Longest Time24 Mar 1984
Leave A Tender Moment Alone07 Jul 1984
The River Of Dreams31 Jul 1993
All About Soul06 Nov 1993
Tell Her About It30 Jul 1983
Uptown Girl24 Sep 1983
Allentown27 Nov 1982
Goodnight Saigon19 Mar 1983
All Shook Up22 Aug 1992
I Go To Extremes13 Jan 1990
And So It Goes20 Oct 1990
The Downeaster "Alexa"05 May 1990
That's Not Her Style04 Aug 1990
We Didn't Start The Fire14 Oct 1989
Pressure25 Sep 1982
She's Got A Way21 Nov 1981
Say Goodbye To Hollywood (Live)12 Sep 1981
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me24 May 1980
You May Be Right15 Mar 1980
Don't Ask Me Why02 Aug 1980
Sometimes A Fantasy11 Oct 1980
My Life04 Nov 1978
Big Shot10 Feb 1979
Honesty21 Apr 1979
This Is The Time15 Nov 1986
Baby Grand04 Apr 1987
Just The Way You Are12 Nov 1977
She's Always A Woman12 Aug 1978
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)18 Mar 1978
Only The Good Die Young13 May 1978
A Matter Of Trust09 Aug 1986
Modern Woman07 Jun 1986