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Chubby Checker

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Let's Twist Again29 Nov 1975
The Twist29 Nov 1975
The Twist22 Sep 1960
Pony Time30 Mar 1961
Let's Twist Again17 Aug 1961
The Twist11 Jan 1962
Dancin' Party09 Aug 1962
Slow Twistin'05 Apr 1962
Limbo Rock01 Nov 1962
What Do Ya Say!31 Oct 1963

US SinglesFirst Charted
Hey You Little Boo Ga Loo02 Jul 1966
Let's Do The Freddie03 Apr 1965
Lovely, Lovely (Loverly, Loverly)02 Jan 1965
Hooka Tooka07 Dec 1963
Hey, Bobba Needle14 Mar 1964
Lazy Elsie Molly06 Jun 1964
She Wants T'Swim29 Aug 1964
Birdland18 May 1963
Loddy Lo02 Nov 1963
Twenty Miles23 Feb 1963
Let's Limbo Some More16 Feb 1963
Twist It Up20 Jul 1963
Surf Party13 Jul 1963
Black Cloud15 Jun 1963
The Twist13 Nov 1961
Limbo Rock08 Sep 1962
Slow Twistin'03 Mar 1962
Popeye The Hitchhiker15 Sep 1962
Dancin' Party23 Jun 1962
La Paloma Twist17 Mar 1962
Running20 Feb 1982
Pony Time23 Jan 1961
The Fly25 Sep 1961
Let's Twist Again19 Jun 1961
Dance The Mess Around24 Apr 1961
Good, Good Lovin'17 Apr 1961
Twistin' U.S.A.11 Dec 1961
The Twist01 Aug 1960
The Hucklebuck10 Oct 1960
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On10 Oct 1960
Back In The USSR05 Apr 1969
The Class18 May 1959