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Gloria Estefan

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me03 Dec 1994
Turn The Beat Around15 Oct 1994
Everlasting Love18 Feb 1995
Reach25 May 1996
You'll Be Mine (Party Time)24 Aug 1996
I'm Not Giving You Up14 Dec 1996
Don't Wanna Lose You15 Jul 1989
Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) (English Version) (Edit)16 Sep 1989
Get On Your Feet25 Nov 1989
Heaven's What I Feel06 Jun 1998
Oye10 Oct 1998
Don't Let This Moment End16 Jan 1999
Here We Are03 Mar 1990
Cuts Both Ways26 May 1990
Remember Me With Love08 Jun 1991
Seal Our Fate06 Apr 1991
Coming Out Of The Dark26 Jan 1991
Live For Loving You21 Sep 1991
Miami Hit Mix12 Dec 1992
Always Tomorrow24 Oct 1992
Go Away03 Apr 1993
Mi Tierra03 Jul 1993
If We Were Lovers14 Aug 1993
Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan14 Aug 1993
I See Your Smile13 Feb 1993
Montuno18 Dec 1993

US SinglesFirst Charted
Don't Let This Moment End21 Nov 1998
I'm Not Giving You Up07 Dec 1996
No Me Dejes De Querer10 Jun 2000
Reach20 Apr 1996
You'll Be Mine (Party Time)07 Sep 1996
Everlasting Love28 Jan 1995
Turn The Beat Around24 Sep 1994
I See Your Smile20 Feb 1993
Always Tomorrow31 Oct 1992
Coming Out Of The Dark26 Jan 1991
Live For Loving You12 Oct 1991
Can't Forget You08 Jun 1991
Seal Our Fate20 Apr 1991
Here We Are16 Dec 1989
Cuts Both Ways30 Jun 1990
Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)07 Apr 1990
Don't Wanna Lose You08 Jul 1989
Get On Your Feet30 Sep 1989
Heaven's What I Feel23 May 1998
Anything For You12 Mar 1988
1-2-304 Jun 1988
Can't Stay Away From You21 Nov 1987
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You30 May 1987
Betcha Say That05 Sep 1987