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David Essex

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Hot Love14 Jun 1980
Me And My Girl (Night-Clubbing)26 Jun 1982
A Winter's Tale11 Dec 1982
Tahiti27 Aug 1983
The Smile04 Jun 1983
You're In My Heart26 Nov 1983
Falling Angels Riding23 Feb 1985
Rock On18 Aug 1973
Lamplight10 Nov 1973
Gonna Make You A Star12 Oct 1974
America11 May 1974
Hold Me Close13 Sep 1975
Rolling Stone05 Jul 1975
Stardust14 Dec 1974
If I Could06 Dec 1975
Coming Home16 Oct 1976
City Lights20 Mar 1976
Myfanwy18 Apr 1987
Cool Out Tonight17 Sep 1977
Oh What A Circus19 Aug 1978
Stay With Me Baby11 Mar 1978
Brave New World21 Oct 1978
Imperial Wizard03 Mar 1979
Silver Dream Machine (Part 1)05 Apr 1980

US SinglesFirst Charted
Rock On10 Nov 1973
Lamplight01 Jun 1974