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Dionne Warwick

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Heartbreaker23 Oct 1982
All The Love In The World11 Dec 1982
I'll Never Love This Way Again28 May 1983
Yours26 Feb 1983
Reach Out For Me08 Oct 1964
Walk On By16 Apr 1964
You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)30 Jul 1964
Anyone Who Had A Heart13 Feb 1964
You Can Have Him01 Apr 1965
Do You Know The Way To San Jose15 May 1968
(Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls13 Mar 1968

US SinglesFirst Charted
The Beginning Of Loneliness18 Mar 1967
Message To Michael02 Apr 1966
Trains And Boats And Planes02 Jul 1966
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself01 Oct 1966
Once You Hit The Road10 Jan 1976
Are You There (With Another Girl)11 Dec 1965
Who Can I Turn To27 Feb 1965
Looking With My Eyes02 Oct 1965
Here I Am03 Jul 1965
You Can Have Him13 Mar 1965
What The World Needs Now Is Love01 Aug 1998
Walk On By25 Apr 1964
Anyone Who Had A Heart07 Dec 1963
Reach Out For Me24 Oct 1964
You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)15 Aug 1964
Whisper In The Dark15 Mar 1986
A House Is Not A Home01 Aug 1964
Don't Make Me Over08 Dec 1962
Make The Music Play03 Aug 1963
This Empty Place23 Mar 1963
Heartbreaker09 Oct 1982
How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye08 Oct 1983
Take The Short Way Home26 Feb 1983
The Green Grass Starts To Grow05 Dec 1970
Who Gets The Guy20 Mar 1971
Friends In Love17 Apr 1982
I'll Never Fall In Love Again27 Dec 1969
Let Me Go To Him18 Apr 1970
Make It Easy On Yourself03 Oct 1970
Paper Mache11 Jul 1970
Some Changes Are For Good20 Jun 1981
Deja Vu10 Nov 1979
No Night So Long26 Jul 1980
Easy Love22 Nov 1980
After You29 Mar 1980
I'll Never Love This Way Again23 Jun 1979
This Girl's In Love With You01 Feb 1969
The April Fools17 May 1969
Odds And Ends26 Jul 1969
Love Power11 Jul 1987
Reservations For Two31 Oct 1987
(Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls20 Jan 1968
Do You Know The Way To San Jose13 Apr 1968
Promises, Promises02 Nov 1968
Who Is Gonna Love Me24 Aug 1968
(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me31 Aug 1968
Let Me Be Lonely08 Jun 1968
I Say A Little Prayer21 Oct 1967
Alfie08 Apr 1967
The Windows Of The World29 Jul 1967
Another Night24 Dec 1966