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Duane Eddy

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Rebel-Rouser05 Sep 1958
Peter Gunn19 Jun 1959
Forty Miles Of Bad Road04 Sep 1959
Yep!24 Jul 1959
Cannonball02 Jan 1959
The Lonely One04 Apr 1959
Because They're Young21 Jul 1960
Shazam!28 Apr 1960
Bonnie Came Back19 Feb 1960
Some Kind-A Earthquake18 Dec 1959
Kommotion10 Nov 1960
Pepe12 Jan 1961
Theme From Dixie20 Apr 1961
Ring Of Fire22 Jun 1961
Drivin' Home14 Sep 1961
Caravan05 Oct 1961
(Dance With The) Guitar Man08 Nov 1962
Ballad Of Paladin23 Aug 1962
Deep In The Heart Of Texas24 May 1962
Boss Guitar14 Feb 1963
Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar30 May 1963
Your Baby's Gone Surfin'29 Aug 1963

US SinglesFirst Charted
Rebel-'Rouser21 Jun 1958
Cannonball03 Nov 1958
Ramrod25 Aug 1958
Moovin' N' Groovin'08 Mar 1958
The Son Of Rebel Rouser04 Jan 1964
Boss Guitar09 Feb 1963
Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar18 May 1963
Your Baby's Gone Surfin'24 Aug 1963
(Dance With The) Guitar Man06 Oct 1962
The Ballad Of Paladin07 Jul 1962
Deep In The Heart Of Texas21 Apr 1962
Pepe19 Dec 1960
Theme From Dixie20 Mar 1961
My Blue Heaven28 Aug 1961
Ring Of Fire29 May 1961
Drivin' Home17 Jul 1961
Because They're Young23 May 1960
Bonnie Came Back28 Dec 1959
Peter Gunn10 Oct 1960
Shazam!21 Mar 1960
Kommotion22 Aug 1960
Forty Miles Of Bad Road15 Jun 1959
The Lonely One19 Jan 1959
"Yep!"30 Mar 1959
Some Kind-A Earthquake05 Oct 1959
The Quiet Three29 Jun 1959
First Love, First Tears28 Sep 1959